Hellas Rally Raid 2017

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Welcome to Nafpaktia. Apart from participating in a unique and very exciting race, we are ready to offer you numerous parallel activities that will make your stay memorable for you and for your company or family.

In the adjoining Application Form fill in your details, choose the hotel you would like to stay as well as parallel activities which would like to register. Soon we will inform you about the availability and cost of your choices.

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Hellas Rally Raid can offer transportation services through the travel agency Avance Travel, please contact them at the e-mail: avancetravel@hotmail.com.


Recommended car rental company Avance Rent a Car Western Greece , contact them at the e-mail: info@theocar.com and tel: +30 2634 0 26250.


Hellas Rally Raid and Avance Travel suggests a private tour!

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About the organization:

For lovers of off-road driving, adventure is being revealed among the 12 special tracks and the 2500 km they need to spend in the spectacular landscapes of Western Greece (Aitoloakarnania, Achaia).  As a welcoming point the port of Patras and center of the event the city of Nafpaktos, in a cosmopolitan Bivouac of 15 acres, the race will cross exciting routes and each day will end at the center of this historical city.

Overall it is estimated that over 250 crews from around the world will take part in the race, which will feature a special dynamic and impressive organizational background. An organizing committee of fifty people, two 4×4 ambulances, two mobile clinics, four ambulances and four doctors on motorcycles are the work force of the event and promise the smooth operation and maximum safety for all.

«Hellas Rally Raid Lepanto 2017» promises great excitement and this is how it attracts the interest internationally. Competitors from all the Balkan countries and Central Europe are interested in this race. Participation of Bulgaria, FYROM, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Italy, Greece, France and Austria will complete the colorful caravan of the race. The coverage of last year’s match was phenomenal, with six television networks nationwide and more than 20 local, more than 40 websites and 15 magazines covering the event throughout Europe. The benefits in the areas that hosted the race are great, not only as far as the promotion of the area is concerned, but also economically. The convoy of the 2017 race lists 250 vehicles and more than 600 people.


More informations in: www.hellasrally.org

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